11 thoughts on “10/10 : If you were all alone

  1. Christophe Carron says:

    J’ai redécouvert cette chanson récemment et je me suis senti obliger de la poster sur ce site. De plus, je pense que si je serai le dernier humain j’écouterai vraiment cette chanson.

    Gérard Palaprat - Pour la fin du monde

  2. dap-dap says:

    What can I say. Some will instantly understand the reference. This song inspire me this project. I had the of “What song would you listen to” a day on my balcony when I listened to this song. I was like “This song is perfect in Fallout 3 but it is also perfect for chilling on my balcony”

    So I started to realize how fun it could be to create different situation so people can tell me what song and why they will listen to if they were in the same spot as me.

    I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire-The Ink Spots

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